Speaker Rosenberger Supports Husted’s Efforts To Appeal Recent Court Case

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Speaker of the Ohio House Clifford Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) released the following statement in response to Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s appeal filed regarding Case Number 2:06-cv-00896, Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless et al v. Husted.

“I would like to issue my full support of the appeal filed today by Secretary of State Jon Husted. It is thoroughly disappointing that a federal judge is again intruding on the work of the Ohio legislature, and in the process has managed to create division and confusion on this issue.

“Our elected officials have a duty required of them by the Ohio Constitution to pass laws, including voting laws. There is a reason for this process, and having differing court decisions on the same issue only further justifies why these matters belong in the hands of our state senators and representatives, who are working on behalf of their constituents.

“I’d like to again point to our incredibly fair, open and transparent voting system in Ohio. It is one that allows Ohioans to have one of the most expansive time periods in the country to vote early and one that has only been improved through bills passed by the legislature in order to clarify and streamline voting laws.”


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